What Folks are Saying

 Custom Built / New Construction

What an experience…..we’ve got nothing but the highest praise for the Floyd Enterprises team! As a recent military retiree, this was the first time we ever planned to stay somewhere long enough to think about building our own home. Of course, my wife thought it would be glorious fun, while I (the family pessimist) remembered all the “horror” stories we had heard over many years from people who had been through the ordeal of building. Since the family vote was 1 to 1, we proceeded to go with my wife’s vote!

We interviewed 3 different builders and were instinctively drawn to the Floyd Enterprises rep, Don Winter. At the end of our discussion about a wide variety of issues, I couldn’t help but ask: “OK, Don, the only other question I have is this…..are you going to be this nice, this helpful and this accommodating throughout the entire building process?” Of course Don answered “Yes, without a doubt!” It was the answer I expected, but he seemed sincere when he said it…..and he proved his sincerity day after day!

As first time builders, my wife and I had an endless array of questions, issues, and need for good advice. And since we lived very near the building site throughout the job, we were always on hand to pepper Don with lots of questions. For the next 9 months, we were continually impressed with how wonderfully and professionally Don dealt with us. He went out of his way to make us feel that no question was stupid (and, believe me, many were!) and were terrific at making sure that we fully understood all options. Indeed, on many occasions, he gently steered us away from some really bad choices, with explanations and alternate solutions. We can’t thank him enough!

Although the sub-contractors were great, Phil and Don would often step forward and identify something that needed to be done differently or better…quality control at it’s best! They obviously deserve the reputation they have developed, and intend to keep it.

And in the year since building was complete, Don Winter has been absolutely terrific at responding to any and all follow-up, punch-list issues. We simply love our new home, and we credit the entire Floyd Enterprises organization with making it a pleasant and highly successful process. Phil, Don, Dave, Gerry, Kathy and all the rest…..THANK YOU!

— Andy & Frances Pratt


We just wanted to take the opportunity to express our sincere thanks to you, your staff and all the folks at Floyd Enterprises who worked so very hard to complete our renovation project at Smith Mountain Lake. As you know, we came to you based on several excellent references provided to us by your past clients. WE have been totally satisfied with the experience of dealing with your firm and with the outcome of the renovation project. The quality of the workmanship throughout our home has been outstanding.

Of particular note are the tremendous efforts of your project lead-Mr. Joe Byron. Joe was always there for us throughout the entire project. He provided exceptional leadership, flexibility and has an uncanny knack for developing innovative solutions to some rather thorny “neighborly” issues. Joe went “above and beyond” in his efforts to get the job done and to assuage any concerns which developed throughout the project. We would recommend that you do whatever it takes to keep Joe as part of the Floyd Enterprises team. He would be a highly valued member of any team. Impeccable technical expertise, unflinching dedication and unimpeachable integrity are his hallmarks.

Lastly and this is not a small point, we appreciate how hard your staff worked to bring this project in on schedule. As with any construction project, we met with a few unexpected challenges. Your staff took these in stride, adjusted the plan accordingly and still delivered mission success across the board.

It has been our pleasure to have worked with your staff throughout this process and we appreciate all your firm has done for the Grant family. Please feel free to provide our contact information to future potential clients as we would be glad to serve as a reference for your firm and staff.

—  Tom and Susan Grant

Custom Built / New Construction

As we told many of our friends and neighbors; if we ever had to build this house again we would insist on using the same builder; Floyd Enterprises. Particularly, Don Winter; our project manager; and David Farber; the Foreman. Through the entire process they were extremely cooperative and helpful. Working with a team of sub-contrators who have known each other as much as 25 years, made it very easy to make changes. In turn they advised us of things we needed to know and changes we needed to make. They made the process very easy unlike many stories we have heard from many of our friends who built with another company.
— Ken Lauterstein

I think too the thing that made it so easy is I felt I could call at any time if I had a question. Everyone was very patient. Don Winter said that they would help us and gently guide us along the way. And that is just what they did. He also said that this is a custom house and you shouldn’t have to settle for anything. It just goes to show that they take pride in their work and they treat it as if it was their own home being built. I think that says a lot about Floyd Enterprises.
— Joan Lauterstein